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Burak OGUZ was born in 1972. He completed his primary education in Urla İskele Primary School and his secondary education in Urla High School. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Dokuz Eylül University, he received his MA degree in the Department of Finance of the same university and his thesis on the aynı Financial Structure of Free Zones Dok. She still continues her PhD work in her dissertation phase. Burak OĞUZ started his professional career in the tax, accounting and finance departments of companies with international capital. In 2003, he became a Certified Public Accountant. Burak OĞUZ, who continues her career in her own company, is also an Independent Auditor from Public Oversight Authority. Burak OĞUZ is fluent in English. He is married and has two children.


İ.Burak OĞUZ

Mayor of Urla

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